Become a monthly donor

Women's Bank's monthly donors are called business angels, because they guarantee sustainable development for poor women in developing countries.

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Become a business angel

Give women living in poverty a chance to establish a village bank, receive vocational training or get tools for work. This can help women get a stable income, strength  for everyday life, and will support their businesses and increase the wellbeing of their community in general. Every donation is valuable!

As a monthly donor, you can support women’s entrepreneurship in developing countries on a regular basis.

What is a business angel?

Women’s Bank’s business angels are engaged in supporting the education, training and entrepreneurship of women in developing countries through monthly donations. Setting up even a small business requires capital. There is a constant need for tools and livestock. With the help of your donations women can buy e.g. chicken, pigs or seeds to start farming and thus create a stable flow of income for themselves, their children and families.

Become a business angel and you will make a life changing impact on women and their families in developing countries.

How can I become a business angel?

It is easy to join by filling the form above. Alternatively, you can also fill in a donation agreement in your bank.

Even a small monthly donation will make a big difference in the lives of women in developing countries.

Let’s change lives together!