Support women’s work

With your gift you will support women through vocational training and entrepreneurship. Your contribution changes lives, enabling women to earn a living and care for their families.

Work is not just work. It's security, hope and power for women. Thank you.

How will my donation make a difference?

With your gift, women will have access to vocational training and entrepreneurship. Through their own livelihood women will have the means to make decisions of their own lives, support their families and make a change.

Through women’s equal financial and social position, also children, families and whole communities will thrive.

How will my donation help?

  • 26 euros will enable women to start a saving and loan group
  • 30 euros will enable a woman to participate in vocational training and to gain a profession
  • 52 euros will enable five women to receive accounting training so that they can run their businesses successfully
  • 580 euros will enable daycare for a whole group of children and give women an opportunity to work

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