Women’s Bank Walk

Nainen katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee.
Women’s Bank Walk is one of the most important annual fundraising campaigns for Women’s Bank. You can join one of our events and raise donations to support women's vocational education and entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia.

How do I take part?

Women’s Bank walk events are organised across Finland and abroad throughout autumn 2024. You can also organise your own event and walk (or run or swim or dance – anything goes!) with friends, family or your work team

Donations raised by Women’s Bank Walk events support women in developing countries by offering vocational training and entrepreneurship opportunities. Women’s right to work, earn a living and make decisions about their own lives are key to more equal societies.

You can find a full list of campaign events here >>.

You don’t need to register to join our events but please do remember to donate!

How do I donate?

  1. Online donation
  2. MobilePay (41109, message “KNA”) → please note this is only applicable in Finland
  3. Take part in an occasion. Find one in the upcoming list.

Please donate here >>

Below you can see all the locations where the Women’s Bank Walk occasions are organized this year.

Walking events 2024

In Finland

21.1.2024 Nauvo


Please note that Women’s Bank Walk participants are not insured by the organisers.

The fundraising permit of Women’s Bank covers only Finland. If you are organising a Women’s Bank Walk event outside Finnish borders, we ask you to follow the rules and regulations concerning fundraising in your particular country.

If you have any questions please get in touch


If you want to show you support for women’s entrepreneurship and livelihood regularly, become a monthly donor.