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Women’s work isn’t just work. It brings security, hope and power. With your gift, women can take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Corporate donation is a sustainable investment

Education and work for women is key to improving women’s position through financial independence. Your corporate donation is a sustainable and responsible way to support women’s entrepreneurship and equality in developing countries. Your corporate donation will better women’s livelihoods around the world.

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With our support, 94,000 women have been able to provide for themselves and can make decisions about their lives.
For every euro donated, 84 cents goes to support women's livelihoods.
We have already changed the lives of 470,000 people. Join us!
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There’s always something going on in Women’s Bank! We run campaigns, report on the results of our work and drum up support for women’s rights.

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Mies istuu sohvalla ja katsoo hymyillen kameraan.

Ville Blåfield is a Women’s Bank monthly donor. “A little support makes life-size dreams come true. Regular giving can make a sustainable difference to vulnerable women. For a lazy person like me, a monthly donation is convenient. I don’t have to make a note of my giving and my donation is automatically transferred to Women’s Bank.”

Ville Blåfield
Journalist, Writer

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