Manifesto: 5+1 things everyone should know about women’s work

Sinipaitainen nainen katsoo suoraan kameraan.



1. Work is a human right

Every woman should have the right to decide their own path. Poverty and inequality still make this a distant dream to many women. Most of the 700 million people living in extreme poverty are women.

2. Every woman should have the right to make decisions

People depending on their spouse’s salary and living in poverty are vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation. Every third woman has experienced domestic violence. Career and access to livelihoods provide a way to influence one’s own life.

3. Women deserve to have a reasonable payment and respect

Women work three times as much as men – including domestic work. Yet only 63 per cent of women of working age have a job they get paid for. Women’s workload is massive but only a small part is being paid for.

4. Women need to have more ways to make an impact

Time spent doing domestic work or nurturing family members is time taken away from paid work, studying or political influencing. Working and fostering independent livelihoods empower women and strengthen their voices.

5. Development does not happen if half of population are left out

Supporting women is statistically the most effective way to diminish poverty. The wellbeing of whole societies grows when women are treated equally. Supporting livelihoods in developing countries also decreases the need to migrate in search of work.

6. Women can do anything when they are given the chance

Women’s Bank makes it possible for women to educate themselves to become professionals and entrepreneurs so they can decide for themselves. Their needs are the core of our work. We offer opportunities.

Together we can build a more equal world.