Six women pose for a photo holding trays

Fly larvae help Nepalese women create innovative sustainable business

FCA and Womens’ Bank BUZZ project in Nepal uses larvae from the Black Soldier Fly as alternative animal feed due...

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Nainen ruuvimeisselin kanssa.

Kakada’s dream is to support her own village community

On Monday mornings, Noeun Kakada‘s mother rides her first-born’s by motorbike around 40 kilometers from the Thmey village to the...

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Hold on to your dreams – Sokna’s story

In the morning, you can hear the rumbling of motorbikes from the yard of a vocational school near the center...

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Supporting girls and women in the climate crisis

In Cambodia, we train women to cultivate climate-friendly crops and use water-saving irrigation methods. In Kenya, women learn to make...

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Opportunities drive change

A few years ago, Daw Thein Kywe, 49, decided to join the Women’s Bank Saving and Loan Group in her...

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Madina’s family bake their way out of Kampala slums

CLAY PATHS crisscross a densely built area of low-rise housing and market stalls. Walking on the streets of the Ugandan...

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Sinipaitainen nainen katsoo suoraan kameraan.

Manifesto: 5+1 things everyone should know about women’s work

1. Work is a human right Every woman should have the right to decide their own path. Poverty and inequality...

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Why is social responsibility so important to us?

Women’s Bank’s programme work is put into action by Finn Church Aid (FCA). Together we hold ourselves responsible to each...

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Esraa bakes a future for her family

Esraa Al-Sehaiti, runs a business called Arabiscuit, which spe-cialises in sweet surprises. Her signature pastries include Sweet Burger – a...

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Joukko ihmisiä ilmapallojen kanssa kesäätyneenä yhteiskuvaan.

Greetings from Dubrovnik!

The beginning in Dubrovnik Women’s Bank Dubrovnik started their activities in 2015, with the Women’s Bank Walk event, thanks to...

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