How do we work?

Nainen hymyilee ja katsoo kameraan.



The principles of our development projects

  • Supporting women supports the whole community
  • Empowering women socially and economically
  • Strict quality criteria
  • Slow paced change
  • Aim to gradual independence from external support

Women’s Bank supports women’s livelihoods through:

  • Village banks savings and loans schemes
    • Locally owned savings groups on a sustainable basis
  • Vocational education
    • Learning to earning through vocational education and courses
  • Entrepreneurship training
    • Training, consulting and guidance to enable an entrepreneurial approach to livelihood
  • Guidance in business and business literacy
    • Developing functional business literacy and numeracy
  • Supporting market access
    • The knowledge and infrastructure to gain market access
  • Civic skills training
  • Networking
    • Locally, regionally, (inter)nationally
  • Women’s Cooperatives