Women’s Bank celebrated its 10 years in May 2017 – The event raised 13 000 euros

Women’s Bank, which is a voluntary network that supports the work and livelihood of women in developing countries, celebrated its 10 years of activity in Helsinki on Thursday the 11th of May. Tickets for the event were sold out, and 300 Women’s Bank supporters, volunteers and collaborators took part in the celebrations at the Nordea headquarters in the Vallila district of Helsinki.

Several of the Finnish women who are founding members of Women’s Bank took part in the celebrations in May. The ticket sales go to supporting the livelihood of women in developing countries. At the party, fundraising continued with an art action, product sales and a raffle.

In the past 10 years, Women’s Bank has raised 11,2 million euros. It has so far enabled 42 000 people to have a livelihood.  Including children and family members, more than 200 000 people have benefitted from Women’s Bank’s work.

The first female minister of defence in Finland and a widely renowned actor in the field of global Human Rights Elisabeth Rehn has played a signifcant role in the development of Women’s Bank. Photographer: Hanna Matikainen


Women’s Bank 10th anniversary celebration gathered a very happy crowd. Photographer: Maria Miklas


The event was entirely organised by a team of fantastic volunteers. Photographer: Maria Miklas

Text: Tiina Toivakka, translation: Tuuli Charalambous

Top photo: founding members of Women’s Bank, from left: Marianne Heikkilä, Kirsi Saloranta, Raija Kemiläinen, Päivi Sihvola, Anne Valsta ja Satu Mehtälä. Photographer: Maria Miklas