Women’s Bank volunteers meet in Jyväskylä

Volunteers from all over Finland gathered in Jyväskylä, October 2013. Their aim was to plan the coming year, rethink the rules of local groups and exchange ideas and information.

Women’s Bank is still a young organization and growing all the time. All the more important are these events, where we can share ideas and experiences, and learn from each other. Women’s Bank aims to further improve cooperation among local groups, to facilitate cooperation with our national  business partners.

One of the main themes of the meeting was the management of local groups. Volunteering is different from the corporate world, its management requires a different approach. There are moments when volunteers need more motivation to go on: stories of success stories, inspiration and energy are needed to carry on supporting women in developing countries. The key factor at the Jyväskylä meeting of Women’s Bank volunteers was mutual empowerment.

Text: Minna Varajärvi

Photo: Sofia Flygare

This article was published in Women’s Bank Report 2/2013 (Available in Finnish and Swedish).