Women’s Bank’s Myanmar project supports women’s livelihood by saving and loan groups and training for entrepreneurship.

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2,867 women benefitted from our work

MYANMAR IS ONE of the world’s poorest countries. Approximately a quarter of its population lives below the poverty threshold, and 65 percent live from agriculture. The country is corrupt, and the circumstances in the society are unstable. There are over hundred ethnic groups living in Myanmar that are being persecuted.

The Women’s Bank started its operations in Myanmar in 2014. The work is focused on strengthening women’s livelihoods through saving and loan groups. Two projects were running in 2019.

Women’s socio-economic reconstruction project WSER is another three-year-project (2018-2020. The project budget is 306,000 euros, and there are 1,800 direct beneficiaries.

The work centres around villages banks that support the entrepreneurship and cooperatives in 15 villages. The aim is to strengthen the economic and social position of women, and to support the entrepreneurship and livelihoods of women in vulnerable contexts in the Kayin State in North-East Myanmar. The area is one of the least developed in the country.

Operations were run by women’s common responsibility committees whose members received education in management, business management and women’s rights.

In 2019, the three-year project Women’s Livelihood Empowerment Project was completed. Women’s loan and savings groups offered loans and training, supporting small businesses and other forms of generating income. Women received training in the basic skills of running a business and management. Study trips to other cooperatives were organised. Over a hundred villages across three states took part.

The project brought financial support to women and increased their participation in their village’s development.

One of Women’s Bank’s volunteers visited Myanmar through the Skills Donation programme in late 2019 to evaluate and develop the Myanmar projects’ operations.


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