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In Nepal, we support women's vocational training and entrepreneurship and have several large women's cooperatives. We also work against gender based violence in the country.

Nepal is located between India and China. The Himalayas cover half of the landmass, which poses its challenges. The country has 29.7 million inhabitants, and 72 percent
of the workforce works in agriculture.

Women’s Bank has operated in Nepal since 2008. We support women’s cooperatives and business training. Our work encourages women’s participation in the decision-making in their communities and ensure their rights to education and sustainable livelihood. With the support from Women’s Bank, farming has been made more diverse, small business operations have been developed and vocational training provided.

 8,302 women benefitted from our work

Cooperatives were an effective way of improving women’s livelihoods and social position in Nepal. With our support, the funds available to women every day increased by 30% in Lalitpur, while in the Sindhul region, women’s income rose by 10%.

What’s more, empowered women began to advocate for issues important to them in local government. The results show that long-term work creates sustainable structures.

Results 2022: 

  • 8,165 members in 20 cooperatives. 
  • 1.3 million euros in capital for cooperatives. 
  • 590 companies, 126 of which were founded last year.

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