Read for Profession Lue Naiselle Ammatti 2023 Dubrovnik

Our tour writer at Read for Profession tour this year is Vaula Norrena. Vaula’s first book Littana – Kielletyn lapsen tarina (”Flatty – the story of a forbidden child”) is coming out in September 2023, published in Finnish by Teos Kustantamo. Of course she has been writing all her life, it is the usual story […]

Read for Profession Dubrovnik Lue Naiselle Ammatti

Emmi Itäranta (b. 1976) is a Finnish author who writes fiction in Finnish and English. Her novels have been characterised as lyrical dystopias with strong ecological undercurrents. Itäranta’s award-winning debut novel Memory of Water (2014) has been translated into more than 20 languages and a film adaptation, The Guardian of Water, came just out. At […]