Women’s Bank – Fundraiser of the Year 2012

Women’s Bank’s volunteer network was chosen as the Fundraiser of the Year 2012, when The Finnish Fundraising Association (VaLa ry) awarded Finnish fundraisers. The award was given in recognition of the work done by thousands of Women’s Bank volunteers.

”During the past year the Women’s Bank volunteers have organized events throughout 30 different localities in Finland, that have collected over hundreds of thousands in Euros for supporting women in developing countries”, given in the argument of the award. The Women’s Bank is a network, in which we would like to join in, where you can fulfill yourself and receive enrichment also into your own life, according to one sentence given in the argument of the award.

”The attraction comes from good-humored, persistent and traditional barrier pushing every day activism. The Women’s Bank is growing and has come here to stay”

The Finnish Fundraising Association (VaLa ry) acts as a co-operational network for non-governmental organizations in Finland. The Women’s Bank is participating in the Global Awards 2012- series as Outstanding Volunteer, through the recognition it has received. The winner will be announced on the 17th of October at the International Fundraising Conference held in Holland.

Women’s Bank awarded internationally

Chairman of the Women’s Bank Steering Group, Ritva Ohmeroluoma, was nominated among the three finalists in the Outstanding Volunteer category of the Global Awards for Fundraising 2012 competition.

The award is the most noted among prizes in innovative fundraising. This was the first time Finnish volunteers were acknowledged internationally for their contributions. Reeta Sabharwal from the Action For Autism received the first prize for raising funds for the autistic in India. The prizes were awarded in Holland in connection with an international fundraising conference.

In the competition, Ritva Ohmeroluoma represented the voluntary network of Women’s Bank with its 30 local groups and more than 3,000 volunteers. The competition jury owed its decision to the way the voluntary activities of Women’s Bank have pervaded Finland into a nationwide network. During the past year, the voluntary workers have organized more than 500 events in which they have spread the word about Women’s Bank and raised funds for its operations.

”We ranked among top three, in a high-quality company of inspiring volunteers from different parts of the world! It was magnificent representing Women’s Bank, which is a Finnish innovation and already at this stage of its existence receives international recognition. It would have been even greater to receive this recognition together with all the 3,000 volunteers. This is definitely something we need to celebrate together,” Ritva Ohmeroluoma enthused right after the event.

Women’s Bank raises funds to support women’s entrepreneurship and livelihood in developing countries. The Women’s Bank fund and its projects are managed by Finn Church Aid.   For more information: Ritva Ohmeroluoma, Chairman of the Women’s Bank steering group, tel. 050 330 9214. Jaana Hirsikangas, Coordinator of Women’s Bank voluntary activities, tel. 040 704 6726.